Postal carriers

Historically, postal services have been an integral part of the state infrastructure, with nearly every country having its own national postal service, such as China Post in the People's Republic of China, Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, and the USPS in the United States. The development of postal relations between countries has facilitated a large flow of parcels between countries, bringing them closer together and breaking down borders. Today, it is possible to live in the US, purchase goods from thousands of miles away, such as in China, and receive them in just a few days. The modern postal system has made the world more cosmopolitan.

We offer a platform for tracking purchases from various online stores that are sent by different delivery services. Our service provides real-time updates on the movement and changing status of your parcel. Our system will automatically determine the delivery service used, and all you need to know is the parcel tracking number. A list of supported postal carriers can be found below.