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Last Updated: 29 April 2021

This license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is concluded between you and (hereinafter referred to as Logic.Cool OÜ). Please read the Agreement carefully before using the software or the Logic.Cool OÜ website (hereinafter referred to as “Licensed Software”). By downloading, installing, or using the Licensed Software, you agree to fully understand and accept all the Agreement terms. If you do not accept the terms of the Agreement, then do not use the Licensed Software, and do not forget to delete all copies.

Logic.Cool OÜ reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement from time to time. In this case, we will publish a notice on the official Logic.Cool OÜ website without any separate notice. Such amendments shall enter into force automatically and shall enter into force three days after notification. By continuing to use the Licensed Software after making changes, you agree to read and accept the Agreement.


Licensed Software: means the software system that was developed by Logic.Cool OÜ, in the form of an application, installed on a mobile device and/or personal computer, or in the form of the website, being accessed via browsers.

Logic.Cool OÜ Service: means all the services provided by Logic.Cool OÜ. You can access Logic.Cool OÜ services using Licensed Software installed on mobile devices and/or personal computers.


Logic.Cool OÜ provides you with a limited, non-exclusive, inalienable license without sublicensing. You may install and/or use more than one device for non-commercial purposes. However, you must not install, use, use the Licensed Software for commercial purposes, and you cannot copy, modify, modify, compose, or create any derivative works based on data published on any device, or interactive data between customers' devices and servers, in several forms, including but not limited to gaining access to Licensed software and related systems, taking advantage of plug-ins or any unauthorized third-party tools or services.

When downloading and installing and/or initial access to the Licensed Software, licensing relationships are established. You must comply with the applicable “Licensing and Restriction Agreement” in device operating systems. If Logic.Cool OÜ has a solid basis to believe that you have violated the agreement, Logic.Cool OÜ has the right to terminate your license at any time.

Usage specification

You must not use the Licensed Software in the following ways:

  • Any behavior violating laws and regulations, public order and morality, or is harmful to the public interest. Renting, lending, copying, modifying, reproducing, compiling, publishing, publishing, and configuring mirror websites for software licensing without permission.
  • Development of any derivative products, works, services, plug-ins, compatibility, interconnections, etc. based on Licensed Software. Logging in or using the Licensed Software via any third-party compatible software system that is not developed, not authorized, or approved by Logic.Cool OÜ, or uses plug-ins being not developed, not authorized, or approved by Logic.Cool OÜ for the Licensed Software.
  • Deleting any copyright-related information or content of the Licensed Software or other copies thereof. Modifying, deleting, or intentionally avoiding technical security measures in an application that Logic.Cool OÜ has been installed to protect intellectual property.
  • Renting, lending, or sublicensing the Licensed Software to third parties without the prior written consent of Logic.Cool OÜ, or simultaneous multiple versions' usage of the Licensed Software, transferring separately after the license has been granted.
  • Coping, disassembling, or modifying the Licensed Software, in whole or in part, or creating any derivative works.
  • Participation in any actions that threaten the network security in any form, including damage or destruction of the Licensed Software, shutting it down or overloading, disrupting normal usage by any third party, accessing other people's computer systems, and deleting, modifying or adding information in the memory without permission, the intentional spread of malware or viruses, or any other destructive behavior that could damage or disrupt information services from children.
  • Using Licensed Software to publish, transfer, distribute, or store any entities violating the rights of others to intellectual property, trade secrets, etc., and/or are involved in illegal or criminal activities, such as fraud, theft of credentials records of other persons or funds, etc.
  • Adding, removing, or changing a function or work result by modifying or faking any working commands, data, data packets, distributing, or running any application software compiled for the purposes mentioned above via the Internet.
  • Any other usage of the Licensed Software illegally, for unlawful purposes, or incompatible with the Agreement.

You realize and agree that:

Logic.Cool OÜ has the right to confirm whether you have violated the proposed conditions at its discretion, and based on this, continue suspending or terminating your license or taking any other restrictive measures taken by this document without any prior consent or notification.

If you post information in suspicion of any violation of laws, legal rights of people, or the Agreement while using the Licensed Software, Logic.Cool OÜ has the right to delete this information without any prior notice unless you have provided evidence to prove its legality.

You are solely liable on your behalf for damage caused to third parties as a result of your violation of the intended specifications. Moreover, Logic.Cool OÜ is exempt from any losses and/or increased costs, and you must reimburse Logic.Cool OÜ for any losses incurred by third parties in case Logic.Cool OÜ makes compensation in advance.

If your alleged violation of the relevant laws and/or provisions of the Agreement causes Logic.Cool OÜ to suffer any losses, compensation to a third party, and/or a fine from the Administration Department, you must compensate Logic.Cool OÜ for damages and legal fees incurred.

You agree that any violation of the Agreement will result in Logic.Cool OÜ incurring irreparable losses, and not only in money. In addition to the existing Logic.Cool OÜ compensation, you agree that Logic.Cool OÜ is entitled to judicial injunctions to prevent permanent violation of the Agreement.

Termination and breach of agreement

If you commit any violation of the terms of the Agreement, Logic.Cool OÜ has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreementwithout prior notice.

In the event of termination, you must cease using the Licensed Software and destroy all copies of the Licensed Software.

You are responsible for any damages and actual damages incurred by Logic.Cool OÜ or other users as a result of your Agreement violation.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

Any disputes arising from the Agreement shall be resolved by both parties through friendly negotiations. In the case such disputes cannot be settled by negotiation, such disputes must be referred to the court of competent jurisdiction where Logic.Cool OÜ is located. If any of the provisions of the Agreement is declared invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, then this does not affect any of the remaining Agreement provisions. The remaining provisions will be implemented by you and Logic.Cool OÜ.

Other conditions

Logic.Cool OÜ reserves the right to transfer both rights and obligations under this document to a third party without your consent. The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to the license provided for the Licensed Software, replacing all the previous negotiations.

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