About us

Welcome to the online parcel tracking system - We are glad to welcome you on our website. Let's get acquainted!

We are an ambitious young team having set the aim of creating the best package tracking system. We have already achieved excellent results oncoming to the target nearer and nearer. Our base of courier services is replenished every day.

Nowadays the following services are available for not authorized users on our website:

  • Tracking of one or several parcels by tracking numbers (up to 40);
  • Translation of parcel information into different languages (support for 24 languages);
  • Free account registration (Facebook, Google, E-mail);
  • Contacting us.

There are more functions for registered users:

  • Package management in Parcel Manager (adding, deleting, editing, updating, transferring to the archive);
  • Managing Archive of Parcels (adding, deleting);
  • Editing profile;
  • Resetting the password;
  • Deleting account.

We will be glad if sharing your impressions of using the website. If you have any ideas on how to improve our service or to change something, you can write us a letter via the contact form.