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The tracking number, also known as the tracking number, is a unique identifier assigned to a shipment by the shipping service. With this number, you can easily track and locate your parcel anytime. Our platform supports bulk shipment tracking, allowing you to enter multiple tracking numbers to find several parcels simultaneously. - Universal Parcel Tracker & Manager

Post Track is a comprehensive parcel tracking system that offers a range of features and services for free, including parcel tracking, parcel management, and delivery status notifications. With Post Track, you can easily keep track of your shopping list and delivery status from your computer or mobile device. It is essential to know where your package is, and we are here to help with all your shipment tracking and management needs. We support tracking shipments from popular online shops such as Aliexpress, Wish, GearBest, eBay, ASOS, Lazada, DHGate, and more.

Parcel Tracking

Our tracking system automatically identifies the postal or delivery service using the tracking number. It tracks the parcel from start to finish, providing complete information about the package's current status through a combination of data from various sources.

Parcel Manager

Parcel Manager is a convenient online service that helps you manage all your package information in one place. With this tool, you no longer have to track packages on different websites. All the information about your parcels is stored in your account and can be easily accessed from any device, ensuring seamless synchronization.

Parcel Tracking Notifications

The notification system informs customers about the latest updates on their parcel's route. Users receive notifications about the current status and location of the package through email, browser messages, or mobile devices. This ensures that all relevant information about the parcel is always easily accessible.

Post Track iOS & Android Application

The "Post Track" mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices, making parcel tracking more convenient and accessible. Download the app now and keep all your shipping information at your fingertips.

Track your Packages from Stores


AliExpress Track & Trace Order

AliExpress is a well-known eCommerce organization owned by the Alibaba Group. In 2010, AliExpress was introduced with only one purpose: to trade Chinese merchandise directly to customers. One of the primary traits about AliExpress is that it supports small enterprises and manufacturing plants in China to exchange...

AliExpress Parcel tracking


GearBest Track & Trace Order

GearBest is a globally buying wholesale electronics supplier. It provides customers with an exceptional collection of fantastic devices, a terrific eCommerce experience, speedy delivery, and superior client assistance.When you buy at GearBest, you're purchasing numerous amounts of the same product so that you can save...

GearBest Parcel tracking


eBay Track & Trace Order

eBay is an online shopping place where individuals exchange daily. There are buyers, sellers, and both. One of eBay's primary characteristics is the community's force since a product is valued by what a person is willing to pay. This can lead to high prices for some products, especially antiques and anything in limited inventory. What...

eBay Parcel tracking


Wish Track & Trace Order

Wish is a trendy mobile e-commerce platform that permits buyers to search and purchase goods from third-party sellers. In 2010, Danny Zhang and Peter Szulczewski started Wish in San Francisco, where ContextLogic Inc. manages it. Since the beginning, this online marketplace has become the shop to sell and buy worldwide due...

Wish Parcel tracking


ASOS Track & Trace Order

ASOS is an online shopping store remarkable for its latest style in clothes. ASOS, or As Seen On Screen, is well-known for its shopper-focused slogans. This UK eCommerce store sells more than 800+ brands, plus it has its line of apparel. It delivers to almost every country globally and is the most famous retailer store globally...

ASOS Parcel tracking


Amazon Track & Trace Order began more than 25 years ago in Seattle, at Jeff Bezos' cart port when he delivered its first book. Now sells everything from books to clothes, to electronics, to food. It has more than twenty discharge centers worldwide and has seven different websites to serve other countries. 

Amazon Parcel tracking

Track Shipments from any Worldwide Couriers

Get to know the most popular international and postal carriers. The carriers listed below are in high demand among our customers. Information such as countries served, addresses, operating hours, contact details, phone numbers, and more can be found on the dedicated page for each carrier. We've also compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for each carrier, to help you quickly find and track your parcel.

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What are the Benefits of parcel tracking widgets in dropshipping store

What are the Benefits of parcel tracking widgets in dropshipping store

If you are familiar with digital marketing, the chances are that you have come across the word "dropshipping." Suppose you are still at sea about dropshipping or are new around the block, you no longer have to lose sleep over getting your head around dropshipping because you just found the right place for your answer.

This article will fill you in on all you need to know about dropshipping and point you in the direction of the best parcel tracking widgets for your store.

Tips for online shopping for beginners

Tips for online shopping for beginners

Whether you have a reputable parcel manager at your service or not, millions of new online shoppers suffer from anxiety. In fact, a study shows that people who shop online suffer from purchase anxiety more often than those who shop offline. This happens mainly because they’re purchasing an item they can’t see and inspect physically, and most of the time have to pay immediately and wait for days to receive the item. Also, the seller of the product is someone they have never seen or met before. To keep this anxiety at the barest minimum, online shoppers need to possess a means to track the activities of the designated parcel manager. This is where the beauty of shipment tracking comes in...

How to buy goods in the online store Aliexpress and not get in a trouble
How the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic affects parcel delivery from China

How the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic affects parcel delivery from China

Are you afraid of the coronavirus? Have you already stopped ordering products from China? And this is not surprising, because there is a lot of contradictory information around that is far from explaining the issue, but dramatizes things. Let's distance ourselves from fear, panic, and thoroughly try to get through the questions on this topic.

Parcel tracking number

Parcel tracking number

To identify the parcel, postal operators and delivery services use a unique parcel code - tracking number (postal identifier) or track number. This number is given to the property automatically at the time of its registration with the postal operator. What are the formats for tracking numbers? How to find out the tracking number? Why does a package have multiple tracking numbers? Let's find out why we need a tracking number and all the information about this number.

A thorough description of the parcel status for

A thorough description of the parcel status for

We tried to combine all mail services and delivery services, creating a universal list of parcel statuses suitable for all carriers. We can mark the following statuses: Not Found, In Transit, Pick Up, Delivered, Alert, Not Delivered, Expired. More details about each status and what it means can be found in the detailed description of the package statuses. This is very important information to understand how the universal parcel tracking system works.

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