Tracking any parcels from any postal services and carriers
The tracking number (track number) is a unique identifier of the shipment, with the help of which the parcel can be always tracked and easily located. Tracking number is provided by the shipping service. Bulk shipment tracking. Enter several tracking numbers to find parcels.

Post Track iOS & Android Application

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Popular postal and international carriers

Get know the most popular international and postal carriers. Carrier services, a list of which is presented below, are of a great demand among our customers. Countries, addresses, working hours, contact details, phone numbers and other data is provided on a separate page of the courier service. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning each carrier. This information will come in handy in order to quickly find and track the parcel.

How to buy goods in the online store Aliexpress and not get in a trouble

In this article, we will talk about the famous Chinese online platform for sellers - AliExpress. We advice how to choose a reliable seller, which delivery to choose and how to buy good quality goods.

How the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic affects parcel delivery from China

Are you afraid of the coronavirus? Have you already stopped ordering products from China? And this is not surprising, because there is a lot of contradictory information around that is far from explaining the issue, but dramatizes things. Let's distance ourselves from fear, panic, and thoroughly try to get through the questions on this topic.

Parcel tracking number

To identify the parcel, postal operators and delivery services use a unique parcel code - tracking number (postal identifier) or track number. This number is given to the parcel automatically, at the time of its registration with the postal operator. What are the formats for tracking numbers? How to find out the tracking number? Why does a package have multiple tracking numbers? Let's find out why we need a tracking number, find out all the information about this number.

A thorough description of the parcel status for PostTrack.com

We tried to combine all mail services and delivery services, creating a universal list of parcel statuses suitable for all carriers. We can mark the following statuses: Not Found, In Transit, Pick Up, Delivered, Alert, Not Delivered, Expired. More details about each status and what it means can be found in the detailed description of the package statuses. This is very important information to understand how the universal parcel tracking system works.