What are the Benefits of parcel tracking widgets in dropshipping store

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If you are familiar with digital marketing, the chances are that you have come across the word "dropshipping." Suppose you are still at sea about dropshipping or are new around the block, you no longer have to lose sleep over getting your head around dropshipping because you just found the right place for your answer.

This article will fill you in on all you need to know about dropshipping and point you in the direction of the best parcel tracking widgets for your store.

So, first things first, what is dropshipping?

You can think of dropshipping as a type of retail order fulfillment that allows you to sell products without coming in contact with the products or owning an inventory.

In dropshipping, you order a product from either a manufacturer or wholesaler, and they will get the product delivered to the customer. And you get paid a commission whenever an order is fulfilled. In simple words, you scout for a cheap product with high demand, add a markup, order the products and get them delivered to the customer. Whatever amount you made off the sale is entirely yours.

what is dropshipping?

In contrast to the traditional retail model, the dropshipping model allows you to purchase inventory from a third-party supplier or manufacturer. And the supplier is still saddled with the burden of delivering the orders to the customer.

Having said that, one question that's probably running through your mind is how do I get started? Before we answer that, let take a few minutes to touch on the benefits of dropshipping.

What are the benefits of dropshipping?

Dropshipping is fast gaining traction and has become appealing to many entrepreneurs worldwide. One of the benefits of dropshipping is that it is easily accessible and flexible for entrepreneurs and self-starters to delve into.

Also, unlike other businesses where it takes so much time and resources to test a product's viability, dropshipping allows you to test different ideas (products) without running into a brick wall.

While you are trying out drop shipping, you can use the opportunity to determine which product is in high demand.

Here are the top benefits of dropshipping

  1. Dropshipping requires less capital and low overhead

    How would you like a business model you can adopt and execute without putting a strain on your financial resources?

    Dropshipping is one online business you can get into without losing sleep over raising massive capital. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can launch an e-commerce store from anywhere in the world and get started from there.

    You don't need to own an inventory or have physical products in stock to begin dropshipping. You only order products when the customer has already made payment. So, you don't need to make upfront inventory investments.

  2. Dropshipping is easy to kickstart

    nother benefit of taking up dropshipping is that it saves you the stress and burden of dealing with physical products. As you may already know, not dealing with physical products is what makes running an e-commerce business effortless.

    Dropshipping eliminates the cost of keeping and maintaining a warehouse, product packaging, shipping, and other supply chain logistics like tracking inventory and dealing with shipments.

  3. You can operate a dropshipping business from anywhere

    Starting a dropshipping business carries a low overhead cost. With a fast internet connection and your computer or any other mobile gadget like your mobile phone, you can get started and grow from there.

    Your primary concern and focus should be maintaining an effective means of communication with your suppliers and customers.

Of course, there are more benefits of dropshipping

  • There are millions of products you can sample for your dropshipping online store;
  • You can assess product viability and feasibility before committing to selling themp;
  • You can leverage the suppliers' resources, such as customer support, to meet increasing demands. Dropshipping saves you the stress and pains of dealing with too many.

Top online store platforms you should consider for your dropshipping business

Having an e-commerce store is undoubtedly the backbone of any dropshipping business. Making the right choice of a suitable online store platform is one of the critical decisions you will have to make as a dropshipper.

Over time, several prominent players creating an e-commerce store have gained more popularity because of the undying dropshipping trend. Some of the big names out there include Shopify and WooCommerce. You have probably heard about them.

Top online store platforms you should consider for your dropshipping business

All online store platforms and many others like them are unique, and you will have to decide which one resonates with your dropshipping business plan.

How about we take a second to discuss a couple of them?


Shopify is known for its effectiveness in helping you list and sell products that require minimal configuration. What that means is that Shopify is an excellent option to consider if your products have few variants such as colors, numbers; either single or double, materials and sizes.

Shopify offers inbuilt variation support to help sellers list as many variations of their products as they want. It also offers terrific themes and tools that will make your store stand out.

What are the benefits of Shopify

In addition to its exceptional themes that make your store "pop" and thoughtful tools to help you run your store smoothly, other benefits of Shopify are that it is quick and easy to set-up.

Shopify provides a fantastic customer support

Shopify provides impressive customer support. Their customer supports are available around the clock to guide you and put you through any challenges you may encounter on the platform. Thereby making your overall experience memorable.

You get to leverage Shopify mobile-friendly app

In addition to their robust website platform, Shopify also has a mobile-friendly and responsive mobile app to help businesses on their platform cater to the increasing demand of buyers or consumers-on-the-go. Thus, making it for you to manage your dropshipping store from the convenience of an iOS or Android app.

Shopify offers top-notch security

Then transactions on the platform are secured — thanks to its full-proof data security systems.

Remarkable marketing and SEO tools at your disposal

You also have great marketing and SEO tools at your disposal (to ramp up sales) and amazing integration options (that helps you manage all your business activities from one place). Above all, the Shopify online store platform offers flexibility.


Created in 2011, this WordPress plugin (WooCommerce) has gained popularity and has endeared itself to millions of entrepreneurs looking to launch an online store for their dropshipping business.

It may interest you to know that at least 50% of online stores are run on WordPress — making WooCommerce an accessible toolkit to virtually everyone worldwide.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce

In addition to allowing direct access to the WordPress team for assistance or queries, WooCommerce is entirely free. All you have to do is download the WooCommerce plugin, and you are all set.

WooCommerce will instantly convert your WordPress website into a professional and fully equipped online store at the click of a button. So, if you are starting up your online store on a tight budget, WooCommerce is just what you need.

WooCommerce offers a fully responsive and dynamic storefront design and an extensive library of themes for virtually every business.

WooCommerce has an extensive market reach

Another benefit of WooCommerce adopting WooCommerce is that it is popular, and you have access to the WooCommerce community to interact with.

Because the WooCommerce market is only just beginning to gain traction in some parts of the world, you have an added advantage of showcasing your products and reaching out to a new market first.

It's easy to manage your WordPress online store using WooCommerce 

In summary, you have a free platform to run your online store, customizable themes, robust marketing tools for managing your products, including sorting and filtering, product tags and attributes, product ratings and reviews, and location customization (such as language, currency, and measuring units).

Which online store platform is the best?

It's almost impossible to single out which online store platform is best for your business. As we mentioned earlier, there are tons of them out there, and they are unique in what they offer.

To help you make the right choice, it would be best to research which online store platform is suitable for your products. While you are at it, it would best to consider the platform's security, responsiveness, SEO, informative analytics, and flexibility.

Parcel tracking in dropshipping online stores

One of the features that make your dropshipping store appealing to customers is the ability to track their parcels or packages.

Knowing where your parcel is and when it will get delivered puts the mind at ease and helps your customers to build trust and confidence in your business or company. Sadly, some dropshipping businesses face parcel tracking problems such as customers not getting a tracking number or not being able to track their parcels with the tracking number.

What is a parcel tracking number?

In straightforward terms, a tracking number is a unique number assigned to parcels (by dispatch organizations) to update the clients of their packages' status. So, you can imagine the frustration of customers when they are having problems tracking their parcels.

Are you thinking of adding a tracking order page to your store?

To help you curb the challenges and common shipping problems in your online store — especially dropshipping, it would be best to add a tracking order page in your store.

Having an order tracking page will help you deal with shipping problems such as delays in delivery, reversed orders, and dealing with shipments of damaged items, among others.

The solution: Post Track package tracking widgets

In addition to having a tracking order page, it's always best to leverage parcel tracking widgets in your online dropshipping store — regardless of the online store platform, whether Shopify or WooCommerce.

One such widget is Post Track package tracking widgets. Post track provides responsive and professional support to help online stores and customers keep track of goods transportation. As such, making them aware of their parcel status. Post Track package tracking widgets can also help you make the right choice of carrier for your parcel delivery — they help track your package and find it if it gets lost.

Here is a video instruction to guide you on adding an order page to your Shopify store and how to integrate Post Track package tracking widgets to online stores and e-commerce sites to track users' purchases.

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