AliExpress Track & Trace Order
The tracking number, also known as the tracking number, is a unique identifier assigned to a shipment by the shipping service. With this number, you can easily track and locate your parcel anytime. Our platform supports bulk shipment tracking, allowing you to enter multiple tracking numbers to find several parcels simultaneously.

FAQ - AliExpress

I have not received my AliExpress order. What can I do?

First, track the package with Post Track or in your AliExpress account:

If the parcel is in shipment with standard logistic data, don't worry. Usually, the goods arrived within the period paced by the merchant. If this doesn't occur, please contact AliExpress customer service and open a dispute to receive the help you need. 

If the parcel isn't delivered on time, there is no tracking data update; goods are returned to the merchant, held in customs, or shipped to the wrong address, you can open a dispute. You can request your money back on the 11th day after the purchase is marked as sent. 

AliExpress will intervene if you can't come to a solution with the merchant in 5 days. Please note that your money is secured by AliExpress until you reach an agreement with the seller. This would not impact the standard delivery of the goods. 

The best way to protect your investment is by monitoring your goods from the moment they're sent. 

Use Post Track, so you can open a dispute before the protection time expires, to claim a refund immediately after the system detects any issue. 

I haven't received my parcel, but it shows "Delivered?"

If this occurs, the carrier might be delivering your goods at the moment. Please wait patiently or call the carrier in the destination country. 

If you don't know the carrier to which the parcel has been sent, use Post Track. We will immediately identify carriers using the tracking number while verifying both package location and status. 

Post Track will send you email notifications about the parcel location so that you can handle the delivery information from the pick up to the parcel arrival. 

Why is there no tracking information after shipment?

It takes approximately eleven days after the merchant ships the order for the tracking data to be updated. 

If the tracking info has not been provided after 12 days after shipping, we recommend communicating with the seller and requesting more information or tracking the shipment yourself using Post Track.

Post Track requires the tracking number to trail your AliExpress package. The tracking number is published on your order page after the box is sent. 

To know the tracking ID, go to "My AliExpress" click "Order List".  You will notice that every purchase has a unique number. Click on "View Detail" and read the complete data about the parcel. In the "Logistics Information" area, you will locate the tracking number. 

Please write down the tracking number and add it to Post Track Parcel Manager. This way, it is easier to keep track of all your purchases by keeping them all in one place.

How To Track My AliExpress Package?

Tracking your AliExpress package is straightforward. Go to "My Order" and select the purchase. Then click "Track Order" or "Click here to view more."

We strongly recommend using Post Track for your tracking needs. Post Track is a global package tracking system that offers free traits and services:

  • Parcel tracking;
  • Parcel manager;
  • Package status notification.

Thanks to Post Track, you have easy access to your package location from any device, anywhere you are. Post Track is your best option to track shipments from eCommerce stores.

When will the seller send out the order?

Once you buy and pay successfully, the merchant prepares the freight and schedules the shipment. When the order isn't completed in the expected time, AliExpress will conclude the load and return the money.

You can see a reminder on the order page when the seller has to send your items. Usually, the shipping process takes seven business days. Once the seller loads the package, the order status changes to "The seller has shipped your order."

It is possible to submit a cancellation request if you don't want the goods anymore. If you submit this request, the seller has 72 hours to respond; if not, the order is automatically closed.

Use Post Track for tracking the orders from AliExpress. Post Track allows you to access your shopping list and delivery status on your computer or mobile device.

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