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The tracking number, also known as the tracking number, is a unique identifier assigned to a shipment by the shipping service. With this number, you can easily track and locate your parcel anytime. Our platform supports bulk shipment tracking, allowing you to enter multiple tracking numbers to find several parcels simultaneously.

FAQ - Amazon

Does Amazon Offer Delivery Guarantees?

Yes, it does. On some items, Amazon provides delivery guarantees. If an item and shipment speed have promised delivery, the info appears on the checkout page, together with the fee and delivery date. 

When a delivery guarantee is offered, it means that there must be at least a dispatch attempt by the promised date. If this doesn't occur, Amazon will return the shipping cost linked with that purchase. 
Amazon gives the info you can use to follow your order using Post Track. Parcel Tracker & Manager, can track all orders from any courier from anywhere in the world. 

This parcel tracking system is so effective that it can follow your order from the beginning until it arrives safely at the delivery address. 

Why Can't I Track My Amazon Package?

Sometimes it's impossible to track your order due to:

  • The parcel search might be on shipment at a provincial center adjacent to the delivery address. This is ordinary when the amount is high, and parcels are handled in large quantities. Up to the first check, the carrier can't certify receipt of the order;
  • The initial check is not done until drop;
  • Amazon is having an issue showing the latest info to the tracking order page;
  • Please note that if you choose Standard International Delivery, there is no tracking information, so you can follow your parcel's journey;
  • Some merchants don't give Amazon the tracking number for their shipments;
  • There is "TBA" in the tracking number.

The best way to solve these issues is to select a delivery method that offers a tracking number. This way, you can use Post Track to follow your packages until they're in your hands. 

Remember, you can't know where your items are without a tracking number. The delivery company provides this number. When you use Post Track, you don't need to track orders on several platforms. 

How To Find A Missing Package That Shows As Delivered?

Even though Amazon has excellent customer service, some occasions show "delivered," but you haven't received your parcel. 

If you see on your order page that the items were delivered, but you don't have them in 48 hours of estimated shipping, consider the following:

  • Many courier companies deliver parcels past 9pm;
  • Confirm the delivery location on Amazon in Your Orders;
  • Pay attention to see if there was an attempted delivery;
  • Search near the delivery place if the parcel was not misplaced;
  • Ask if anyone received the package;
  • Verify your mailbox as sometimes carriers can mix up deliveries;
  • On some occasions, you might receive the package 48 hours later. Wait this time before contacting Amazon or the third-party merchant;
  • Use Post Track. The most efficient way to track all your Amazon orders is Post Track. This tracking system notifies you about your parcels' status and current location via email or notifications to your browser or mobile device. 

Does Amazon Deliver To Multiple Addresses?

Yes, it does. Amazon offers a multi-address service where you can purchase several products in a single buy and deliver them to different locations. 

Please note these steps to benefit from this feature:

  • Pick the merchandise you need and include them in the Shopping Cart;
  • Checkout;
  • In the delivery section, choose the multi-address service link;
  • Adhere to Amazon guidelines;
  • Make sure to check the gift option if you want to wrap and send a personal message for each product.

Since you're sending multiple packages in the same order, it is crucial to use Post Track to track all the deliveries to avoid surprises. Use Post Track to verified that each person had received the product(s) you send. 

Post Track lets you track packages from all postal services and carriers. Using this service is a unique way to see where your package is at all moments. 

What Is A One-Time Password For Secured Deliveries?

Since you can buy anything from Amazon, a one-time password, also known as OTP (One-Time Password), is demanded. The OTP is required because of the high cost of a few products. 

Your parcels are more secured when there is an OTP. 

Amazon will send to your email a six-digit number after the order is shipped. This is your order's OTP. 

If you don't receive the OTP, it's possible to look for it in Amazon's tracking section. 

Please note that the OTP is accurate until the day you received the parcel. 

The product will only be delivered when you enter the OTP in the courier's device. Once the password is verified, the messenger delivers the product. 

If you can't be there to receive the product, you have the option to ask another person to do it for you by giving the OTP. Please avoid giving the password to a person you don't trust or know well, including the courier's messenger. 

We recommend always using Post Track when you buy something valuable at Amazon. Post Track will notify where the package is at all times. Using this tracking system provides you with the tranquility you deserve as you know when and where your parcel will be delivered.

With Post Track, you can track your package from the moment it's ship until it's in your hands. 

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