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The tracking number, also known as the tracking number, is a unique identifier assigned to a shipment by the shipping service. With this number, you can easily track and locate your parcel anytime. Our platform supports bulk shipment tracking, allowing you to enter multiple tracking numbers to find several parcels simultaneously.

FAQ - eBay

Does eBay shipping include tracking?

eBay allows you to trail the parcel online once the vendor provides the tracking number. Please note that as soon the vendor sends the article, it's possible to follow the shipping address's advancement.

When a seller uses Post Track, the buyer can monitor the package when sent until it gets to their hands. Unfortunately, those merchants who don't use Post Track can only provide their clients the items' expected delivery date.

Buyers have the option to review the delivery situation in the Purchase record. Check the item's tracking number and enter it into your Post Track account and see where the package is at all times.

We recommend contacting the seller if you're not able to see the tracking data. Request the vendor to transfer the data into the Purchase history.

Remember, Post Track can only follow your items once you have the tracking number.

Can a seller send a package without a tracking number?

Yes, a seller can send a package without a tracking number.

It's essential to understand that eBay doesn't demand merchants to give tracking data, but to win a dispute about an "item not received" (INR), the seller must have a tracking number.

When a vendor cannot give you trail data, and you didn't receive the item, you can contact eBay to open an INR argument, and you'll win the case instantly.

If you can't open eBay an INR dispute for any reason, we recommend contacting PayPal's customer center. Explain to PayPal that you could not open an INR dispute on eBay but that you didn't receive the item. Make sure to address eBay and PayPal as soon as possible as you don't want time to go by.

We strongly recommend buying from a vendor who does provide tracking information, so you can use Post Track to follow the package to the shipping address.

Post Track is an online tracking system that offers multiple features, including package tracking, package status notification, and delivery data. One of the best things about PostTrack is that you can track all items from all couriers on one platform.

You can easily track your packages from your computer or an electronic device with Post Track.

How long does a seller take to send an item?

When you buy on eBay, you can see the estimated delivery date to know when you can receive it. 

Please keep in mind that unusual shipping quantities due to COVID-19 can lead to setbacks. We recommend tracking the item through Post Track to notice any unusual activity immediately. 

It's advisable to verify the estimated ship date before purchasing if you need the item to arrive before a particular day. Check eBay Guaranteed Delivery items if you want tracking information. 

Every eBay listing that promotes shipping must provide an estimated delivery date. The date usually covers a period, but it gets more accurate once you provide the shipping location. 

Once you place the order, the seller should provide you with a tracking number and a revised delivery date. Guest buyers will receive the delivery date in the validation email. 

Use Post Track to record all your package movements. With Post Track, you can know where the item is located from the moment the seller ships it. 

PostTrack is the best online tracking system to monitor your purchases from eBay. You can try several features free by opening an account. 

How Estimated Delivery Dates Are Calculated?

Knowing when an order will arrive is one of the most common questions of buyers. All eBay listings that provide delivery have an estimated date. This date is calculated by:

  • Management: Once an order is placed, the seller takes some time to prepare the shipping package. This usually includes packaging and labeling. The time varies depending on the item, and it can take up to 30 working days. 
  • Transportation: Most vendors provide several options to send the package. The seller can choose which shipping or courier service he wants to use. Depending on the service, the delivery date is calculated. 
  • Payment: Buyers who pay through bank transfers or other payment systems should know that merchants usually wait until the money is in their accounts before shipping the package. 

Keep in mind that some vendors offer express delivery. Weekends and holidays aren't calculated on the estimated delivery dates, only working days. Some merchants offer weekend delivery, but we recommend contacting them before buying to determine if this is possible. Besides, the buyer can be required to pay extra for the prompt delivery. 

eBay offers a service named Fast 'N Free. When you see this alongside an item, you can expect the package to arrive in a maximum of four working days, with zero delivery quotes. 

Once you have ordered and have the tracking information open a Post Track account and follow your package's journey. Post Track is fantastic in providing you with real-time information on your package since the seller sends it. 

Can I save money through combined shipping?

When you're purchasing multiple articles from one seller on eBay, it's possible to save money by requesting all the items in the same parcel. We recommend contacting the vendor and ask if they can send combined shipping.

Some merchants immediately add this option when a person purchases several articles from their listings.

You can see the combined shipping option when you include all the products in the cart. Once the order is complete, the seller will notify the buyer how much the shipping fee is.

Some listings might not point out the transporting quotes for additional products. In this case, make sure to contact the vendor before paying.

If the merchant is okay with sending all the products in the same parcel, they'll provide you with a combined shipping cost. The seller needs to specify every product that ships in the same package.

Whether the seller provides a combined shipping option or sends different packages, you can track all your purchases through Post Track.

With Post Track, you can enter the tracking number of all packages on the same account so you can have all the information immediately.

Keep track of your items with Post Track, the best online tracking service.

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