United States Postal Service (USPS) Track & Trace
The tracking number, also known as the tracking number, is a unique identifier assigned to a shipment by the shipping service. With this number, you can easily track and locate your parcel anytime. Our platform supports bulk shipment tracking, allowing you to enter multiple tracking numbers to find several parcels simultaneously.

FAQ - United States Postal Service (USPS)

The estimated time of delivery for United States Postal Service (USPS)

0-1 Days
2-3 Days
4-5 Days
6-7 Days
8-9 Days
10+ Days

A table on the delivery time of packages depending on the country of destination. Statistics generated for United States Postal Service (USPS) packages with the status of Delivered

  • United States of America~ 21 Days
  • Canada~ 12 Days
  • Fiji~ 30 Days
  • Hong Kong~ 11 Days
  • China~ 17 Days
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland~ 13 Days
  • Germany~ 17 Days
  • France~ 29 Days
  • Australia~ 21 Days
  • Netherlands~ 23 Days
  • Russian Federation~ 9 Days
  • Japan~ 14 Days
  • Chile~ 24 Days
  • Israel~ 19 Days
  • Italy~ 27 Days
  • Mexico~ 24 Days
  • India~ 16 Days
  • Poland~ 34 Days
  • Ireland~ 35 Days
  • New Zealand~ 29 Days
  • Thailand~ 16 Days
  • Singapore~ 13 Days
  • Korea (Republic of)~ 16 Days
  • Åland Islands~ 45 Days
  • Turkey~ 25 Days
  • Ukraine~ 24 Days
  • Brazil~ 31 Days
  • Taiwan, Province of China~ 15 Days
  • Sweden~ 23 Days
  • Spain~ 32 Days
  • Malaysia~ 18 Days
  • Slovenia~ 28 Days
  • Switzerland~ 14 Days
  • Morocco~ 24 Days
  • Viet Nam~ 22 Days
  • United Arab Emirates~ 27 Days
  • Finland~ 30 Days
  • Denmark~ 24 Days
  • Nigeria~ 33 Days
  • Saudi Arabia~ 27 Days
  • Kazakhstan~ 21 Days
  • Belgium~ 25 Days
  • Portugal~ 37 Days
  • Norway~ 25 Days
  • Austria~ 27 Days
  • Ghana~ 25 Days
  • Philippines~ 24 Days
  • Colombia~ 29 Days
  • South Africa~ 38 Days
  • Lithuania~ 38 Days
  • Romania~ 30 Days
  • Serbia~ 12 Days
  • Hungary~ 21 Days
  • Greece~ 32 Days
  • Czechia~ 36 Days
  • Indonesia~ 25 Days
  • Croatia~ 19 Days
  • Qatar~ 21 Days
  • Slovakia~ 34 Days
  • Peru~ 23 Days
  • Cayman Islands~ 28 Days
  • Jamaica~ 22 Days
  • Macao~ 51 Days
  • Cyprus~ 22 Days
  • Argentina~ 40 Days
  • El Salvador~ 17 Days
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)~ 27 Days
  • Estonia~ 17 Days
  • Andorra~ 8 Days
  • Montenegro~ 13 Days
  • Albania~ 22 Days
  • Bulgaria~ 31 Days
  • Barbados~ 14 Days
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina~ 25 Days
  • Angola~ 12 Days
  • Iceland~ 14 Days
  • Azerbaijan~ 29 Days
  • Kenya~ 20 Days
  • Pakistan~ 19 Days
  • Costa Rica~ 42 Days
  • Latvia~ 25 Days
  • Tunisia~ 26 Days
  • Algeria~ 28 Days
  • Malta~ 39 Days

What should be done if the package cannot be tracked?

Do not worry that the wrong tracking number may have been incorrectly assigned to your parcel or it was sent to the wrong address, because all numbers are assigned to the parcels automatically. So the human factor is excluded. For this reason, an error is virtually impossible. Simply the information on the USPS website is not immediately updated. This can take from a couple of hours to 2-3 days or even more (which is rare, but still happens). Just wait.

How to track USPS parcel?

Step-by-step guide to track USPS parcel

To know how to track USPS parcel, you should read this instruction carefully. There are 4 ways how you can do it with the help of website.

First Way (Universal Parcel Tracking System)

  1. Visit PostTrack site:;
  2. Find input field with "Track" button;
  3. Input parcel trakcing number or several tracking number (Up to 40 tracking numbers);
  4. Click on "Track" button and you will see parcel tracking information.

Video instructions: How to track USPS parcel?

Second Way (App Post Track For iOS and Android devices)

  1. Install mobile app "Post Track" (iOS, Android);
  2. Open application "Post Track" on mobile device;
  3. Press (+) buttons;
  4. Input tracking number(s) in input fields and press "Track" button, you will see USPS tracking details.

Third Way (Official Site)

  1. Visit official USPS site:;
  2. Find input filed "Search or Track Packages";
  3. Input parcel tracking number, for example: LX003394678US (You can input 35 tracking numbers, separated by commas);
  4. Press "Enter" or click on search button and you will see tracking result.

Fourth Way (App USPS Mobile For iOS and Android devices)

  1. Install mobile app "USPS Mobile" (iOS, Android);
  2. Open application "USPS Mobile" on mobile device;
  3. Select Track section;
  4. Input tracking number(s) in input fields and press "Track" button, you will see USPS tracking details.

What do USPS international tracking numbers mean?

  • LA#########US – it says you that a small package or letter was sent using USPS First Class Mail. (up to 2 kg, or up to 4 pounds)
  • RA#########US - it says you that a small package or letter was sent through Letter Post Registered.
  • EA#########US - means that "USPS Express Mail (EMS)" is used to send your package.
  • CA#########US - means that "USPS Priority" was used for your shipment.

More info about Tracking Number Formats

USPS Priority Mail Express International (EMS) - the basic things you need to know.

This version of the US post is presented as an ideal balance on the ratio of terms, security, and of course – prices. But still, at the moment, with all the averages it is the most expensive of the USPS, and even the privileged one, with delivery by courier. In the US, they can deliver express mail in just one night, up to 10AM.

What Priority Mail Express offers:

  • Parcels sent this way are almost never lost;
  • Prices start at $35.25 for package delivery;
  • Consumables: boxes/envelopes/etc. are free;
  • The online tracking service does not need to be purchased additionally, it is free;
  • Standard insurance for documents sent - $100, and $200 for goods. Shortest possible time - average 7 to 14 working days;
  • There is no compulsory insurance, but it can be paid additionally. Insurance from $2 to $10 will cover damage from a lost parcel from $50 to $700. (for some countries, insurance reaches up to $5000).

USPS Priority Mail International - the basic thing you need to know

United States Postal Service has various options for international delivery of parcels, and they differ both in terms and final price. USPS Priority Mail International is fast enough, but still slightly slower than USPS Priority Mail Express.

What Priority Mail International offers:

  • The average delivery time is from one to three working days (in the USA) and 14-30 days worldwide;
  • Fixed rate depends on the destination, likewise on the size and weight of the parcel. (from $29.25 and higher) With a maximum weight of 32 kg. (70 pounds);
  • There are restrictions on the length: 106.5 cm (42 inches) and a span of 200 cm (79 inches);
  • The possibility of online tracking depends on the size, as well as on the type of mail your parcel or letter was sent. (USPS Priority Mail can change conditions, for example, recently it changed the tracking conditions for USPS First Class Mail, which had no online tracking before);
  • Insurance is possible up to $5000.

For this type of mailing the cost is average in comparison with other USPS delivery methods, and a variety of destinations are available for sending parcels - about 180 countries.

USPS First Class Mail International - the basic things you need to know

If you agreed with any seller from the USA about sending an international package, for example, to Germany, but did not specify in what way USPS should send it, then most likely the package will be sent to you by First Class mail, because this will be the cheapest shipping option.

What First Class Mail International offers: 

  • Delivery of such international mail takes on average from 15 to 45 days and it doesn’t matter how - by plane or ground transport;
  • USPS First Class Mail does not guarantee the expected arrival time of your parcel/letter;
  • USPS First Class Mail is available in over 190 countries;
  • Parcel is not subject to compulsory insurance by default;
  • At the moment, the possibility of online tracking is present. A complete tracking package is available in over 41 countries.

It is important to note that this delivery method is only suitable for packages up to 2 kilograms (4 lbs). By the way, USPS can suddenly and without any notice change its terms and conditions. Therefore, the information relevant today may suddenly stop being relevant in one day. Our site is constantly updating information to the current state, so you are in good hands.

What should been done if the tracking statuses are displayed incorrectly in their order?

Sometimes statuses do not go in their order, and this is just impossible. But this happens sometimes. it is just a system error. You don’t have to pay attention to it, everything is ok.

What does "Return to Sender" mean?

The statuses "Delivery Error", as well as "Return to Sender", mean that the USPS did not manage to deliver your package. Usually before the procedure of returning of the parcel to the sender USPS tries to deliver it several times, and only then returns it.

This status can be either internal or external. But it is important to pay attention to the fact that parcels from other countries are usually subject to taxes and other duties when returned. Therefore, it is sometimes more profitable to dispose a parcel than to return it, and then to send a second one instead.

Unusual parcel statuses of USPS. (Their explanation)

The main statuses are naturally known to the most of the users, they are easy to understand. But there are also some statuses that are not quite clear and many clients will ask "what is it?" about them. We answer in advance:

  • Electronic Shipping Info Received - this means that all the data (information) about your parcel was sent and most importantly received by the appropriate post office;
  • Arrived at Sort Facility - means, your parcel/letter was supplied for sorting procedures;
  • Processed Through Sort Facility - denotes that the package has passed the sorting procedure;
  • Depart USPS Sort Facility - this means that the sorting of the package was already finished and it left this procedure;
  • Customs Clearance - it informs you: the "customs clearance" procedure has begun;
  • Customs clearance processing complete - denotes that the parcel has passed the stage of customs proceedings.

Parcel statuses of Post Track

What are the deadlines to file a package on the wanted list?

In case your parcel is not delivered, you can put it on the wanted list. However, you have to consider the timing for doing this. You can send a complaint that your package did not appear at the destination point not earlier and not later than the deadline set by the USPS. Each type of mail has its own specific deadline:

  • Via Global Express Guaranteed a complaint can be sent not earlier than in 3 days and not later than in 30 days;
  • Via Express Mail International a complaint can be sent not earlier than in 3 days and no later than in 90 days;
  • Via Express Mail International with Guarantee a complaint can be sent not earlier than in 3 days and not later than in 30 days;
  • Via Priority Mail International a complaint can be sent not earlier than in 7 days and not later than in 6 months;
  • Via Registered Mail Service a complaint can be sent not earlier than in 7 days and not later than in 6 months.

How to send a complaint if the package has not arrived?

In order to send a complaint, you first need to register on the USPS website, then enter your address, and your sender's phone number, information about the tracking number, date of sending and the content of the package. After that the service department will find out the current status of your package and the conditions that will be sufficient to initiate a complaint.

Next action plan will be as follows: you need to fill out a special form PS Form 2861 then attach to it a document that confirms the cost of the parcel along with a postal services payment receipt. Then the complaint should be sent to the address indicated on the official USPS website.

How to find the nearest USPS Post Office?

To find the nearest post office, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official page Find Locations USPS;
  • Select Location Type (for example: Post Offices and Approved Postal Providers);
  • Input City and State, or ZIP Code (for example: New York, NY or 10001);
  • Press "Search" button;

In case of a successful search, you will see a list of post offices indicating: address, phone number and time of work.

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